Title Searches

It does not matter if the land is Freehold, Crown or Special Areas we can obtain the search required.

Survey Permission

Contact will be made with the Landowner/Occupant to discuss the proposed project and to obtain survey permission.  A linelist will then be prepared with pertinent information including Landowner/Occupant special requests and will be forwarded to the client and surveyor.

Surface Land Acquisitions

We handle preparation of all field documentation required, notifications and third party consents and negotiations with the Landowner/Occupants for acquisition of the following:

  1. Surface Leases
  2. Pipeline Right of Ways
  3. Powerline Right of Ways
  4. Crown Applications from Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD)
  5. Site Leases
  6. Special Areas Applications


We will provide draft D56 information letters, proof client prepared D56 information letters and ensure all required notifications are delivered as per AER’s Directive 56 and 60 for the following:

→ First Nations

→ Industry

→ Compressor

→ Flaring

→ Battery Site

Damage Settlements

Our team will prepare documentation, complete inspection and meet with and negotiate settlements for pipeline damages as well as other damages, as requested.

Rental Reviews

Documentation will be prepared and a Land Agent will negotiate with the Landowner to acquire a consent for a current rental.  This rental will be acquired based on area values, size of lease,  current status and any other factors that are required.

Caveat Registration and Withdrawals

We prepare and forward documentation directly to Land Titles on our client’s behalf.

Surface Rights Board

Even though we all hope that a Surface Rights Board hearing is never required, we also know that sometimes it is unavoidable.  Using our past experience, our team will prepare for the hearing and will present our client’s case at the hearing or will attend as a witness, as required.

Crown Land Sales

From use of Alberta Land & Lease Ltd.’s name when bidding at the Alberta Land Sales to forwarding any received notification or third party correspondence to our client related to their mineral interest, which we hold in trust for them.  Preparation and delivery of authorizations, transfer or other documentation as requested by our client

In-House Surface Land Consulting

Alberta Land & Lease Ltd. can also provide in-house support by providing a Land Agent or Land Administrator on-site, on a part-time or temporary basis, for special projects, vacation leave or just to assist you in keeping up to date.